Closed Studies

Optimising Individual Treatment Regimes and Patient Outcomes through the Use of Patient-Reported Toxicity Assessments in Patients treated with Pelvic Radiotherapy (OPTIMAL)

Reviewing items for self-report of adverse events in clinical trials (REPORT-UK)

electronic Patient-reported Outcomes from Cancer Survivors (ePOCS): A feasibility study

Allinex: Using Technology to Improve Clinical Care

QuEST T2: Pilot Study of Doctor Training Programme

Evaluating the needs of patients living with chronic cancer: interviews and survey development

Attention Control

EORTC Quality of Life Group

International Field Study

Social Impact of Cancer


Assessment of routine practice in outpatient oncology

SDI-Pilot Studies 1&2

Questionnaire Validation

Breast Cancer Campaign Study

Using the internet for information exchange: design and evaluation of a website for use in follow up of cancer patients at low risk of recurrence