QTool is a powerful online questionnaire design and management system.

QTool was developed to support a wide diversity of research needs across many clinical settings.

QTool includes all the features of a highly scalable, multi-user, multi-organisation application and provides a complete range of management features for clinicians and researchers to design, launch and manage PROMS style questionnaires such as those used in holistic needs assessment.

With training, a user can create a sophisticated online questionnaire that can be completed by patients or clinicians using a web browser, on a variety of devices (e.g. pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

As well as supporting a variety of question types, QTool has the ability to support scheduling, branching and dependent questions, scoring and alerts, and the creation of complex algorithms for calculating outcome measures.  For example, results from initial questions, can determine the questions, scoring or scheduling of subsequent questions.

If you would like more information about QTool or you wish to use it, please email the QTool Business Manager: Deborah Allon